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Wedding cakes

Special offer 3 tier wedding cakes at the fantastic price of

Including all decoration.
Flavours are chocolate, vanilla and lemon.
Only one of each topper design available.
Conditions apply.

Suitable for 80 - 100 people. 

See bottom of page for more details and Terms & Conditions.

How it works
1. Choose your cake side design from the ones available
2. Choose your sugar flower cake topper from the designs below
3. Choose the flavour per tier (any tier in any of the three flavours available). 

All  cakes will be covered with white fondant icing
Ribbon colours can be changed to match your bridal colours.
There is only one of each cake topper available, once it's sold, that's it..

1.The cake side designs are:

A. Diamenté


B. Edible Lace


2. Now choose the sugar flower cake toppers from the photos below:

Note that some numbers below are intentionally missing as they have already been sold.



No.81 No.81 close-up






No.79 (midnight blue) No.79 close-up (midnight blue)



No.78 No.78 close-up



No.77 No.77 close-up



No.76 No.76 close-up



No.75 No.75 close-up



No.74 No.74 close-up



No.73 No.73 close-up



No.72 No.72 close-up



No.71 No.71 close-up



No.70 No.70 close-up



No. 69 No. 69 close-up



No. 68 No. 68 close-up



No.67 No.67 close up



No.61 No.61 close up



No.60 No.60 close up


No.57 No.57 close up


No.53 No.53 close up


No.50 No.50 close up




No.46 No.46 close up











No.43 No.44


No.39 No.40


No.36 No.38



No.34 No.35


No.33 No.33 close up


No.31 No.32


No.28 No.30


No.22 No.23


No. 19 silk flowers  


No.16 No.18 silk flowers


No.14 No.15


No.13 No.13 close-up



No.12 No.12 close up





No.5 No.5 close-up



 No. 2

3. Choose the flavour per tier (any tier in any of the three flavours available). 

Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon are available

The cakes will be cooked to order ready for collection the day before your wedding.


There is only one of each cake topper available.

This is the range of one-off wedding cakes I am offering, Once it's sold, it's gone.

I try and keep this page up to date as they sell.

Please use the cake design letter & topper number when enquiring.

The Ts & Cs for these cakes are:

50% deposit on ordering and remainder four (4) weeks prior to celebration.

Lemon, vanilla and chocolate cake flavours. 

Delivery not included. 

White fondant icing only.

Choice of two side designs only.

Ribbon colour can be changed to match your bridal colours.

Subject to availability.

My best efforts have been made to match the colours in the photographs to the actual flowers,

No consultation is available for these designs.


For other conditions see Terms & Conditions page.

For allergen information, see Flavours page.

Same quality cakes, pre-designed toppers, limited choice. 

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